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Subject :waiting?
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15/06/2006 17:54:34

Hello everyone, how long does it take to receive these lots won a lot cache because I will need the digital device before July 22, please the team madwin can make you a little effort it's really urgent thanks a lot.

ps: you are the best games I know.

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28/06/2006 18:01:37

This is a modified message :
The delay is about 7 days for validation of earnings.
Then, the delay of sending is variable according to our stocks, I think nevertheless that you should receive your device before the 22 juiltet

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02/07/2006 09:57:27

thank you very much for your speed of sending my camera.
a thousand thank you very much that I also receive the others 😂
a big thank you to all the madwin teams for taking care and listening to their players because, to my knowledge, it is the only site I know that is as proffessional and human at the same time

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