Player benameliamanelle posted a message on 29/08 14:55 on the MadLotto Forum: cclassement cado. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :cclassement cado
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29/08/2006 14:55:02

jadore madwin actually jai u linfo by and indeed it's really great i have a proposal: forkoi not to classify the gifts according to the number of madpoint less complicate than to seek that ki corresponds to your gain tro tro long tr complicated voila for argue what right and long life madwin !!!!! and huge kisses to the one who invented this site: wave: write here write here Text in bold write here write here : wave :: wave:

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30/09/2006 13:50:20

I too knew this site by Besides, there is something that escapes me from the beginning. Radin said we were getting 500 pts if we went through them but I did not get anything. did you receive something?
Good idea, the idea of classifying kdo by pts

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