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Subject :  KDO suggestions for children
14/11/2007 15:41:38

πŸ˜‚ my daughter is also a pro-Dora and my son Spiderman my
daughter also loves Barbie, Spiderman and strawberry charlotte.
It would be nice to find their hero in the shops, I agree! πŸ™y): Otherwise
I asked for the snowshoes and the suction ball, it's advisable for the beach, but my kids love playing it Play our hallway and it's a hell of Round laugh. And I can even admit that for adults it's not bad no plusπŸ˜‚

14/11/2007 00:25:30

πŸ˜‰non don't worry, your children are not fussy they are all the same my daughter also it's the same as the Prizes this shop window doesn't interest her too much... she prefers dora winx barbie and others...

Good evening and good games to all

09/11/2007 09:55:28

Here is being a father of 3 children I am a little disappointed by the KDO offered in the children's shop windows or my children are too fussy! (mdr)

I was thinking it would be nice to put more trendy things like:
- Dora the Explorer
books - Yes-yes books or other trendy
books of accessories or plush toys Dora, WinX, diego, spiderman ... etc.
see dolls ...

or is it impossible because of the rights and copyright specific to brands??

for a dad who is a fan of his 3 angels!

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