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Subject :  Hairspray
12/06/2008 11:04:26

Hello 🙋 the 2

requested Prizes have been added to the Catch A Prize CacheCatch A Prize
Feel free to send us your Prizes suggestions!

For the display of the Sweepstakes, indeed I will inquire!

The Web'.

11/06/2008 19:33:23

Thank you!!!

I also forgot to ask for something. Apparently, it didn't work, but I'd really like to see the USB flash drive that gave the tnt on the computer on a Catch A Prize....... I was taken to class with her disappearance!

10/06/2008 20:22:52

:wave: Hello everyone :wave:

I would very much like to see the collector dvd of Hairspray in the Catch A Prize Loot.

Thank you in advance

PS: the Sweepstake still does not show (4 months after learning about the problem) the Winners the 100€ and the DS

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