Player dhfgm posted a message on 30/08 11:54 on the MadLotto Forum: Thanks for the DVD. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Thanks for the DVD
01/09/2008 17:32:08

First of all, I would also like to thank madwin for all the gifts that have been sent to me. Even if it takes a month sometimes, it does not detract from the joy of receiving these gifts.

For flash games, I happen to have problems too. But this is due to my internet connection that sometimes cuts, or is too weak. This sometimes blocks before spending credits or free spins. So I restart the page and often, it works again. Otherwise I wait 2 or 3 minutes and I restart the page.

Normally if you do that, you should not have any more problems accessing the flash games.

30/08/2008 11:54:03

Thank you for the speedy delivery of the DVD. You are a great site for years I play on your site. But for months and months I have been having problems with your flash games, impossible to play. What to do. Good continuation to all and once again thank you.

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