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Subject :  MadWin interviewed
01/09/2009 22:11:55

This is it, it's September.......

The surprise for VIPs should come soon!

Like what, we're all kids, we're all watching for surprises like the kids watching for the tooth fairy!

03/08/2009 15:12:05

Perfect 😉 I

look forward to the new feature in September for VIPs 😂

03/08/2009 15:16:07

On the other hand, two slight negative points for the forum:

-The message cannot be edited or deleted while it is being validated... (after either?)

Besides, why do we have to have them Confirm these web messages?
I know that some people may post commercial links or insults, but they are quite rare, aren't they? I think it would be more pleasant if the message were published directly 🙋

03/08/2009 14:51:49

Very good idea that this interview!

I really enjoyed learning more about the early days of the site and your small team. I felt very close to it because I feel so comfortable in this environment, and I could just as easily move on to the other side... but well, I may not have the right training... but I wouldn't say that I don't like my studies!

I am also happy to see you attach importance to certain points, because indeed, evolution, originality, interactivity and Prizes are essential to maintain... even if you are not ready to move to the other side of the sites! 😉 Good

continuation, Chris


03/08/2009 10:40:24

Hello everyone,

We had the pleasure to answer an interview for the site, you can consult it here: http:

MadWin The Web'

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