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Subject :tic tac showcase
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03/06/2009 14:14:39

hello I ask myself a question: when you get into a queue are the madpoints reimbursed at the end when you are first in the queue (because otherwise I have to wait 320 days for example which means that I have to pay 320 times the amount requested so if in the end I only earn a misery compared to the daily stake, I get ripped off) is that the way it works? Thank you in advance and enjoy the games!

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03/06/2009 19:46:18


No, the entrance to the Tic-Tac shop window is only paid once. Then you have to be patient and diligent to arrive first and win the points promised!

Of course, if we fail to validate his showcase one day, we leave the queue and the points invested initially are reimbursed.

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03/06/2009 19:15:10

Hi ,

No, you only once wager the amount that corresponds to the entry price in the Tic Tac queue.
For example: To enter the queue to earn 120000 MadPoints, Your MadWin account is debited 6000 Mp when you return the first day in the queue, and after, To stay in the queue, you do not than confirm your request each day without betting other Madpoints.

Good luck and patience.

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