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Subject :  New Prizes
24/10/2009 21:37:37

It's advertising! Without the little music at first! 😉

17/09/2009 19:07:51

Heuuu ! ! ! ! ! It still looks like advertising 😉 🙋

03/09/2009 21:08:33

I propose you once again Prizes that I would like to see on the site... this time I propose 2 Prizes in the category well-being, which will interest more than one!!!!!

(pink) the first is a seat massaging shiatsu and rolling with heat. Apparently the best of the moment is made by Homedics... I tested it last week at Nature et découvertes, and I can tell you that it really does have an effect!!! For the curious, without wanting to advertise, you can find it here:

(pink) The second prize I would like very much these days is an Ionizer air purifier ... it's quite expensive, but considering the benefits it's questionable!! You can also find it here:

What do you think?

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