Player nathalie050669 posted a message on 11/09 18:33 on the MadLotto Forum: PC. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

Last lottery draw  4 9 22 29 40 44  : Winners : 910 

Subject :  PC
12/09/2007 01:15:00

Hello nathalie050669 🙋 You

're a little late but there were some sharp laptops to up for grabs ! a little while ago 😲 Which

it may come back a day!

Good continuation and for lack of PCs up for grabs ! there are other prizes as interesting! Good luck 🌹

11/09/2007 18:33:29


I just thought it would be cool if we could find laptops or not in the Prizes. Mine is no longer very young...:wave:

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