Player beletegirl posted a message on 05/12 00:01 on the MadLotto Forum: thanks again. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

Last lottery draw  5 12 17 20 31 42  : Winners : 1309 

Subject :  thanks again
06/12/2007 22:15:37

What more to say "congratulations" I am delighted for you it's Christmas before the time apparently! since you are so good I wish you a good continuation but we must also think to leave a little bit

06/12/2007 22:28:16

You made envious ...
If only I could validate my gifts ... 😉

Playing MAdwin makes you crazy ...

05/12/2007 00:01:59

Hi all I have won a super winning plasma TV I wanted to say a big thank you to madwin and tell the players not to hesitate to take credits it is not always winning in lots but always in points I have plenty of items at home thanks to madwin like home cinema, bread machine, x box, camera...... thank you again and continue to make us vibrate

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