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Subject :  Insurance premium
19/12/2008 01:52:55

Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

Or even a bonus when we've logged in every day for the last month.
For example, when we logged into the site, with our identifiers, every day in January, we receive a bonus on February 1st.

But this bonus is accessible from 200 days of seniority, and 10,000MP earned since the beginning, for example!
For the number of points, it would be easy to achieve. Knowing that we earn more than 500MP in a week when we play often, then 10,000 in 200 days, it's totally possible!
This would give a bonus to the oldest and those who make a minimum number of games per month.

11/11/2008 20:28:43

🙋ah I see the more we have the more we want, good chance😂

06/11/2008 18:53:49

fully agree thierry

22/10/2008 19:59:56

Hello to all of you!

I was thinking... Why not ask for an insurance award!

I explain myself:
-As from 200 days, That is to say more than 6 months... it would be interesting that every 100 days for example, we receive a bonus!

For example:
.50% of madpoints offered in + earned during the week of the cap crossed (for example from 300 to 307 days ...400 to 407 days)
So if during the week from 300 to 307th day we earn 50 000 points...the bonus would be 25 000 points.

For this, it would be necessary to be; minimum VIP platinum and of course... remain faithful to MadWin since it takes minimum 200 days to qualify for a bonus.

Hoping to have given a good idea! Good evening to all of you.

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