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Subject :  Customer Service
04/09/2007 10:19:42

🌹 I
think you're right, it happened to me several times. I
sent a message and in the day the problem was solved. but
nothing to delete.

anyway very good idea. jean68

24/08/2007 04:15:44

Hi all !!!

I propose to add an option; "Delete my request" when you have submitted a request to customer service.

Very often, we hurry to write a request, because we have in mind the facts and the dates of the incident or other ... and yet sometimes we account that we have acted too quickly, or that the problem has been resolved in the meantime.

In this case, we should be able to go back on our words and delete our request, this would free up customer service.

All this to also say that it would be good for customer service to look at one of my messages concerning a credit/participation exchange transaction that turned sour for me!!!!

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