Player lose posted a message on 05/01 15:35 on the MadLotto Forum: credit purchase. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  credit purchase
12/03/2007 04:12:51

Hi! 🙋 Personally I would like you to accept payments by American Express credit card... first because it is an international payment for your site that is not moins😉 and then because it allows players who own this card to benefit from a loyalty program in short points gifts in Prizes short ! would be very happy to pay you with my card! Come on, C, okay?

05/01/2007 17:15:02


we're actually thinking about it. We will keep you informed if it becomes a reality

Good games!

The Web'.

05/01/2007 15:35:09

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HELLO TO MadWin'S TEAM WHY YOU WERE NOT PAYING BY W-ha on credit I would like I am on wanadoo it would be cool of you and it would allow people to buy credit with their phone bill please answer me

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