Player frimousse295 posted a message on 27/11 17:36 on the MadLotto Forum: too many points for the kdo. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  too many points for the kdo
06/03/2007 16:30:11

Hello Frimousse295,

MadWin Prizes range from simple pens to DVDs and finally to the Xbox 360.

As you can see, there is therefore a wide choice in Prizes.

On the other hand, MadWin could lower prices at VIP's 😂 Have a good

day 🍸

27/11/2006 17:36:25

bjr I find that it takes too many pts for the kdo even play it and the days it's very long there should be more small kdo like e. g. games pr enfatns key rings bags, magnets pens
and we would have more chance to Play to get Prizes
should do a survey of what I vs offers and vs would see

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