Player poppers50 posted a message on 29/06 21:57 on the MadLotto Forum: the webmaster and his team. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  the webmaster and his team
02/07/2006 14:20:32

Um um um! Very interesting all that!
Thank you for revealing a little more about the dear Web team! At the same time, this answer only amplifies our curiosity! "the next, the next!!!" 😂 And

Happy Sunday to all! 😉

02/07/2006 11:49:05

Don't worry, MadWin's team is not made up of Cyborgs! 😉 We

don't hide, but at the same time I find it pleasant to know how you imagine us, so let's liassons a little mystery! 😉

Some information anyway: Our
team is made up of about twenty people of various skills (development, graphics, customer care, sending Prizes.. etc and of course the "administrative" functions) and we work in Paris.
Our team is indeed young despite the (already) 6 years of MadWin's existence. As for whether we are beautiful and beautiful... no comment! 😂 Good

The Web'.

29/06/2006 21:57:08

who's hiding behind the MadWin team!
Do you show yourself? Are you young? "old"? beautiful and beautiful? or are you cyborgs?!
that would be better than an avatar that we are our online photo ;-);-);-);-)

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