Player volfnix posted a message on 02/08 03:19 on the MadLotto Forum: too focused?. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  too focused?
03/08/2006 20:39:14

Well, at the same time, it's the MadWin Forum... 😉 For

more varied discussions, other forums are probably more appropriate.

But as I have proposed several times, you can make your suggestions for themes! We will create them as much as possible and as much as possible!

The Web'.

02/08/2006 03:19:36

Well, here we go, I go through the "forum" from time to time, the thing that bothers me a little is the "ultra" targeted way of the forum, even in the "general discussions" it's only about MadWin, not a topic or relaxing to make this forum more lively (and attract people in the process, who knows, future members to sponsor).

Couldn't we have at least a second valid topic of discussion? (well, that only leaves a suggestion)

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