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Subject :  Enough!!!!!
11/07/2007 21:14:06

Hello 🙋 well

ok I publish the message but there will be no published polemiques please we are not here for that! know

however that I pay attention to the published messages...

The Web'.

11/07/2007 16:16:44

This is a modified message:
Hello everyone,(...)

We understood that for some MadWin is a reference (god) of the game site.
This should not be a reason to criticize anyone proposing an improvement or change on the site.
After all, without change, without compromise, we would still be in the age of fire.
The administrators are aware of the need for this feedback for the sustainability of the site, and that is why they have created a "suggestions" forum. So respect this choice, and stop polluting the forum with messages that always have the same common thread; "Go elsewhere, Leave MadWin, MadWin I love it, I don't want it to change", because we understood the message well.

PS; Web, I know you're not going to like this kind of message about some controversies. But I find it essential, because the omnipresence of some people gives the impression of a repression of free expression by the constant "breaking"!

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