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Subject :  accountaccount history
25/08/2010 02:09:07

Hello everyone!!!!!

A very great suggestion that I often forget to post.

The account trackingaccount history is too small (last 80 actions maximum). We really should be able to more things.

Besides, I think it would be better to display not on the last actions of the account but on the last days (the last 2 weeks would be great), and even to have display options to see only the actions concerning credits or points.

With the operations of the month of the moment, theaccount history is no longer useful very quickly since only 1 wheel Turn corresponds to 2 lines out of the possible 80..... so it is often impossible to see how much a baraka bonus has won etc....

. and I am talking about the baraka, because it seems to me that this bonus has some small problems. If the choice of max cash is not made around the end of the Round where it was won, the baraka bonus can credit a bad amount... or even not be credited... but it is difficult to account this without adequate account history.

25/08/2010 14:54:45

Thank you Webby,

I hadn't noticed anything weird lately.

Being able to consult a account history worthy of the name will remove any doubt that a player may have on the site without going so far as to post a message here or on customer service.

25/08/2010 11:29:42

After checking on our side, we have not detected any anomalies.
The processing of points attribution thanks to the baraka bonus is only launched once the CashMax winner has made his choice of prizeWire or click in the Shop).

For information:
Cricri, the last grid where you won points thanks to your baraka bonuses is grid n°1241,
the prize won by the winner of the cash max was a "Machine de Jeu a Pince".
You have thus won: 238,720 MadPoints

And you cyrius2, grid n°1253
The prize won by the winner of the cash max: the DVD Mesrine 1st Round
You have won: 92,880 MadPoints

Of course we will not perform this check for all requests. However, we will consider a Mode improve the display of theaccount history.

Thank you for your suggestions.
Have a good day.

25/08/2010 02:49:22


On the Baraka, I had made the same remark to myself... but idem, I couldn't check...

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