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Subject :  Forum
02/09/2010 08:33:56

I have two small suggestions for the forum.

First, a permanent link to the forum for CadoVillage and QuoVerbis (either in the menu bar at the top or in the footer links)

and then, a more convenient navigation tool for long topics. Before, you could jump directly to the last page of a topic, or choose to go to a specific page. Now, with theNext" button, we don't know if the subject is two pages or 36 long.

What do you think of that?

Apart from that, THANK YOU for making the forum 100% Firefox-compatible! 🌹

09/09/2012 14:22:56

hello one thing surprises me is the draw of the MadLotto lottery ,never the 6 digits come out; the same in the draws often half half ,weird !!!I play other lotteries and this How it Works never happens. greetings

17/03/2011 16:10:02

if only a little thing that would blink in front of the headings containing one or more messages that we have not yet read, as on other forums, it would be very practical
but hey, we don't know how many people work at MadWin, maybe all this doesn't happen in a few clicks

15/03/2011 09:18:16

I copied another message under another heading, really, you can't find your cats in this forum 😕 I

find that the Forum is a labyrinth, it would also be necessary that the new messages appear in a heading: new messages of the day so that participants can easily read, learn about ideas, suggestions, remarks.... of its members.

I have noticed in the short time that I have been participating in the forum, no reactions to the proposals made, I think the reason is precisely that the forum does not have a good audience due to its complexity...


1) when sending a message (pending validation by the Web), confirmation by e-mail that it is being distributed, same for the reactions of members to the forum.
2) a message account history would be useful in his profile.
3) creation of a section: new messages of the day with update and ease of search and reading...

what do you think?

15/03/2011 09:01:50

Thank you Fred for your answer!

! another gap on the forum, if I don't go to the sections where I reacted or made suggestions, no warning signals that a reaction from a member has been made.

There is a lot to do to make the FORUM useful and enjoyable!

Have a good day

06/03/2011 14:55:02


Two suggestions, why one profile per forum and per site, it would be interesting to group a single forum.

We should be able to keep a account history the messages sent that are awaiting validation and that as soon as they are accepted, a message either by e-mail, or by the site itself that notifies us of its publication.

? questions, what is the use of the buttons: EDIT or CITER?

04/01/2011 11:37:01

Unlike the wall, Forum messages are validated before being published.
If, however, you feel that messages or members have escaped our attention, you can report them to us in private!

The Web'.

03/01/2011 22:22:32


Is there a forum charter?

For example, what are the rules regarding floods, messages containing only emoticons or quotes from Discover More authors, personal attacks (especially those targeting members who play and therefore earn a lot, but do not deign, according to some, to participate in the forum).

On the wall, there is a "report" function, do you plan to add it on the forum?

16/09/2010 18:44:59


we are indeed planning some modifications to improve the navigation in the forum!

The Web'.

16/09/2010 18:19:06

Hello, the breadcrumb trail may be interesting to go to the last page of a topic indeed, it is to be seen. 🙂

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