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29/09/2010 03:32:16

😥 Well hello to all those who recently participated in a Sweepstake showcase Sweepstake the difficulty of not being able to see the result of this raffle Sweepstake the list of winners because it stops on September 26th so knowing that I participated on September 27th and have not been refunded my madpoints I have a little trouble understanding why I find myself without a prize madpoint. In addition to the baraka games I won a Wire 20€ on the 27th and this one has still not been validated. I would like to be clarified a little bit about this.
Thank you in advance 🙁

02/10/2010 18:16:13

Hello, first of all, here is the "We inform you" Round the forum, your question doesn't really fit here but rather in the "Technical question" Round after I think your question should be asked to customer service. ? 🙂 Sincerely

. 🌹

29/09/2010 22:32:34

Good evening 🙋 To

finish, all you have to do is contact the customer service department whose tab you will find at the very top of this page on the left and before the WINNER tab followed by SPONSORING Sponsor a Friend....

Have a good evening 🎤

29/09/2010 20:00:07

🙋 Good evening!
To complete Claudie's and the Webmaster's answers, the reimbursement of the Sweepstakes has been completed and the list of Winners appears clearly.
Have a good evening!

29/09/2010 18:02:52

Hello 🙋

indeed we cannot answer personal problems on the forum.
However, I would like to point out that winnings are never instantly validated. A delay of 3 to 4 days is generally noted. However, once validated, Wires are sent immediately.

Good games!
The Web'.

29/09/2010 14:58:19

The forum is not the customer service annex, players do not have access to your data so they will not have the necessary answer.
Have a good day!

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