Player lalili59 posted a message on 22/10 16:20 on the MadLotto Forum: Forum. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Forum
22/10/2010 16:20:05

It would be necessary that QuoVerbisMadWin agrees at the forum level, because on MadWin my messages are validated immediately, while on QuoVerbis nothing, do not even appear, yet same username and password and same vip status, same seniority;will include, so much waiting on QuoVerbis for validation, not normal;I await answer from the customer service which will suspect me the reason ;good games

23/10/2010 08:28:56

I have the same concern as lili59. So I only try to post on MadWin. 🤪

23/10/2010 07:25:39

It's validated messages, thank you.

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