Player cricri04 posted a message on 06/11 18:59 on the MadLotto Forum: New "tracking earnings" interface. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  New "tracking earnings" interface
06/11/2010 18:59:56

A remark I made to myself.

The new Prize Winnings is much better but it is not super readable for the statutes...

I would like the background color of a prize to depend on its status and not systematically have the 3 shades of orange.
For example, a exchanged or cancelled prize could have a light colored background (2 different), a sent prize, a bright color, a pending prize, another bright color...etc
Moreover, I would like the sending date of a prize to be in bold to differentiate it from the validation date of the prize that has nothing to do with it...

What do you think of that?

Date of message edition 06/11/2010 19:00:27

07/11/2010 08:48:55

Very good idea cricri, 🙁y):🙁y):🙁y):🙁y): Hopefully it will

be taken up by the team 🙋

06/11/2010 23:44:54

Good evening 🙋

Why not give us the possibility to permanently delete all the lots that we have exchanged in Madpoints?

A ti answer would be welcome from the web for all applicants 👏 Good

evening 🎤

06/11/2010 20:31:01

The validation date and the sending date being separated by the State of the win, I don't think there could be any confusion... By account where is the instructions for use? Updates have increased to 15. Very well. What is the FILTER key used for? CANCEL? since we can do it at the bottom of the page.

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