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Subject :  Inception
08/11/2010 19:26:44

2 versions of the film are available on the site... but personally I have a little penchant for the third version: "Dream Machine Inception Dream Case - Blu-Ray Combo - Limited and Numbered Edition" only on fnac apparently.

Would it be possible to see it appear in Prizes?

05/12/2010 22:59:54

I just bought my numbered INCEPTION case.... from the dream in a box!!!!

I recommend it to all of you, full of bonuses, posters, postcards, comic book, folder, BO, the ultimate version of the movie... and especially the top I keep running to be sure not to dream!

A box set as exceptional as the film! :)

15/11/2010 20:52:00

Sniffing!!!!! You would have made a happy man!

I saw that it was out of stock on the fnac and I was hoping that you would have some piston with your suppliers!

Otherwise, I encourage you all to see this film which is just enormissime!!!!

15/11/2010 19:04:44

Hello 🙋 We

were aware of this version and would have liked to offer you this version, but we could not obtain the guarantee to receive it.

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