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Subject :  QuoVerbis: new Word Bonus!
12/01/2011 19:26:31

Hello🙋 We are now offering

you some new features on Bonus Mots !

- Now play on different game grids on the game in free and credit modes!
- Future tournaments will allow you to Play, for each tournament, on a different grid (the grid obviously remains the same for the duration of the same tournament)!
- All the Rounds the same challenge are done with the same grid!

Good games!
The Web

12/03/2011 12:48:11

😠😡Je I am very unhappy that you have removed the game "Word Bonus". What is the reason for this? Even if the Prizes were ridiculous, this game was very interesting. Nowadays there are very few of them... Too bad it has to be like this!

19/01/2011 08:15:08

🙂 Thank you for giving me back today a more attractive Bonusmot than the one I have known for the last few days! A Bonus word that has become the old-fashioned way again! and that should please many people; I am one Round them. Thank you again.
Will it last? The future will tell us!
I will always have had a day off....

18/01/2011 20:29:09

Good evening.
No offense to those I have just read, I much prefer the new version.
It is true that some words are not recognized, especially if the blank letter bonus is used.
Just try again, 1 to 3 times, and the word is recognized.
However, in this case, instead of whining pitifully like kids, nothing prevents you from reporting to customer service that your refused word does exist, and they will find a solution for you, if only through a small Points bonus.
Provided, of course, to have a minimum of respect.
Which, it seems to me, is the basic element of education...
Let's not forget that there are designers who work all year to improve their programs, and, for my part, I congratulate them...
With that, happy new year, and good games!!!!!

18/01/2011 10:53:53

I've been on this site for 5 and a half years and I've always played on bonus words, and for some time now some very French words have not been known, so I'm not talking about this new version with grids that don't make any sense, I'd like to know who studied this new version, has he at least try to Play it I don't think so I think it's a shame because there was an interesting word game that now doesn't take place at exister😡😠

17/01/2011 15:07:54

Hello 🙋 I

thank the players for giving their opinion, whatever it is.
However, insulting a player is unacceptable. Avantasia has the right to give her opinion without being disrespected. I specify it because a player, he will recognize himself since I obviously do not publish his message, wanted to post a disrespectful answer towards beforeasia.
I encourage this player to re-post his message in a respectful manner while informing him, as for any other, that we allow ourselves to take sanctions such as suspension or even striking off an account against anyone who insults or disrespects others. This is therefore a warning.

Whatever your opinion, we leave you the freedom to publish it. I would like everyone to be aware of the freedom we grant you on this forum, but it is clear that we do not accept odious behaviour.

Good games to all!
The Web'.

17/01/2011 12:26:48

I don't agree
if we base it on the forum, we deduce that nobody is happy with nothing, everything is nil... you don't stop rallying anyway, well on all forums it's always like that... players run all the time, those who are happy don't say anything, it's normal, I for example never say anything when I like this sites and games a lot.

I don't have an opinion on the word bonus because I don't play letter games but I'm glad that MadWin doesn't decide just by reading the forum, there are thousands and thousands of players and only a few who finally slow down

17/01/2011 12:05:38

😈nouveau Bonus Mots😈 Very inappropriate self-satisfaction

:" ''but on
this point, I am absolutely convinced that the vast majority of players will be happy'' where do the positive opinions come



I account and recount the positive opinions...
I find 0 + 0 + 0 +0 etc. = 0...
I'm not good at math (the proof I prefer word games!!!!) but I have trouble understanding how 0 players make up the majority. 😀😀😀 If anyone

can explain, thank you very much! 👼

15/01/2011 09:48:39

😈nouveau Bonus Mots😈 Very inappropriate self-satisfaction

:" ''but on
this point, I am absolutely convinced that the vast majority of players will be happy'' where do the positive opinions come



15/01/2011 07:39:27

Apparently, everything is done to make it possible to get rid of this game... new and more complicated formula and of course, the allocation of MadPoints ! and all this, from one day to the next !
Thanks to the administrators!
I even want to suggest that they put games online without awarding points so that everyone can account!!!!!!!

All right! All right!!!!
It is more and more difficult to find interest in it since there are fewer and fewer possibilities to fit real words... and QuoVerbis has to admit them in his (very) personal dictionary! Very strange for a word game site......

NB: there are still the old grids? mdrrrrrrr

They would do better to Close the site: it would be faster than gradually discouraging players (often old and rather loyal). Unless they want to force us to buy credits to earn more points and try to get, one day..., an interesting prize.

Good luck to the resistance fighters!

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