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Subject :  Ranking of Prizes by number of points
02/02/2011 10:12:23

Hello !
So for now, the Prizes are classified in the windows by theme (children, house...) And
so whenever I want to see what I can buy with my limited number of points, I have to open all the windows to see what are the accessible Prizes.
My suggestion would therefore be to have a ranking of Prizes points.
I'm not sure what form this could take, for example: see the Prizes available for my number of points, or maybe an additional window "points ranking": >100000, 100000 to 200000 ...
But all accessible Prizes should be classified on a single page.
Thank you in advance!

04/02/2011 12:51:36

Person, I like the classification by theme, and then, by going to see what we can win, we end up knowing about the sections that have Prizes in our strings (in our madpoints budget!)
Wandering from one category to another in search of what my points let me dream about also has an advantage, the selection. I played for a goal and, as time went by, time to get the points, I sailed from one section to another which made me change my mind, I fell in love with another object that I hadn't seen or that has since been added.
It's also, in my opinion, a "commercial" aspect, it tempts us to see things that are inaccessible and so we play more and more regularly to reach them... !
However, your suggestion is to be studied: see the answers of the other Internet users, I will bow to the majority.
Have a good weekend

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