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Subject :  NEW: The Masters of the Game!
19/02/2011 11:46:17

Hello πŸ™‹ You

can now Have a Look your new Game of the Month on MadWinMadWin CadoVillage QuoVerbisQuoVerbis

Many challenges await you at each stage, many gains at stake:

Earn up to 100 Euros directly and
many privileges by joining the Discipleship Council!

TEMPLE Combine the Elements and Gifts in your ElementaryElement Holder by making the right associations, you can Confirm your Elementary Element Holder win ALL the Prizes contains!
Become a Temple Master and you will earn Points every time other players click in the Temple!

Each click in the Cube makes you win a Wire up to 3000 Euros!
And by becoming the Lord of the Cube, you win a Wire when other players click in the Cube!

Good Games to all!
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22/03/2011 14:50:26


no answer to our suggestions for improvement on this "three-month game" 😒 what a


10/03/2011 18:01:46

You're right, you need a big budget or a lot of luck to hope for clicks in the temple, the interval between each winner gives me the impression that you need more Turns between each win, right?

07/03/2011 22:29:50

Good evening, Game

Why do it so complicated when it can be so simple and please many players...!
Small or large budgets????
Fluide77 who since the beginning of this new monthly game ?πŸ™‹?πŸ™‹?πŸ™‹
Still haven't understood anything about the system and who still dared to use her more than 500 chips Coins following her credit purchases........... πŸŽ€πŸ€¨πŸ˜€πŸŽ€ In short, you are
45 years old, I am no longer even trying to understand the system πŸ‘ Hoping sincerely

after my wheel turns to have Turns happy among the regular players 🍻 For, at my age, the NON

virtual friendship, can only be summed up as a πŸ»πŸΈπŸ™‹" and how is your child doing? and school, what's it like for him or her?

Have fun on master GAME MASTER is the main one in my opinion 🌹🌹🌹🌹 Qty, Fluide77

06/03/2011 02:57:32

The "removal" bonus has just appeared.

To make it interesting to be a master, I think you should schedule your appearance. For example, if the master has not changed since 1 or 2 grids, no dismissal (it is then still easy to dethrone the master with the conspiracy), if 3 grids, then 1 dismissal, then 4 grids then 3 dismissal... etc

Because there, for the current grid between dismissals and conspiracies, we could still have more than 5 different masters for the same grid... and therefore earn points, which is not very exciting!

04/03/2011 10:15:57

and considering the pinball rules is not there to be dethroned...
I who already has a lot of trouble having cash or fortune I can't imagine being master of the temple lol

03/03/2011 23:45:47

it is clear that flipe must be hallucinating to see his Cash pot rise so much!!!! I had had 2 times 4 million and it was already very pleasant then him and his 25 million, pure happiness!!!

03/03/2011 22:00:38

Every time I've been a master, I've won trivia in points... at least like that the status of master is a little interesting... after that it's certainly more complicated to become one, but once you are it must be a little treat!!!! πŸ˜‚

03/03/2011 19:16:07

I find it abnormal that it is not possible to replace the master when validating with the air element. Knowing that the grids are often renewed and that new guard bonuses appear, it is impossible to dethrone the master who is surrounded by more and more guards. AIR should remove the master. conspiracy bonuses the guards and ultimately the master. I don't like this game any more and more. Finding the AIR element should at least hope for some gains as a master if you don't have nice Prizes in theElement Holder.

03/03/2011 02:34:45

it's a shame that the games of the month are becoming "static"! a little animation would help us to find these 3 months less long and more exciting!

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