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Subject :  sending Prizes: follow-up
10/03/2011 09:50:29

Hello everyone πŸ™‹ here we are, I just wanted to know if it would be possible to give us a tracking number of the packages that are sent to us (I think for large lots).

for my part, I have a package noted "sent on 04.03.11" and 10.03.11 still nothing, while a package takes 48 hours. except that I have a strange
factor.......... so if we could check that the post office does its job well!!!!

18/10/2023 15:27:18

Don't worry, it's been over 4 years!

16/10/2023 07:16:55

Good morning
prize awaiting processing since 08/30/2023

16/10/2023 07:16:55

Good morning
prize awaiting processing since 08/30/2023

11/03/2011 16:07:21

I just received some nice little Wires today.

On average, the lots are received in 2 weeks (see 1 week for Wires)... but last month's problems doubled to triple this time (excluding holidays, this is the first time that the waiting time has been so long). In addition I think we were left a little bit in the shadows... it was 2 weeks before the players started to find the shipping time abnormal, then the team apologized, then the prizes were sent in the third week... but finally, because of a new problem with the post office, the lots were not sent (it was the only time we were officially notified of the schmilblik) and were finally notified the fourth week (last Tuesday)... it still makes a hell of a lot Accumulative couacs!!!

Hopefully, these incidents were rich in lessons learned!!!!!!!

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11/03/2011 14:12:22

Hello everyone ! πŸ™‹ thank you

web' for all this information!! for

my part, I received yesterday the package I was expecting.
Certainly, due to the technical problems that the dream has encountered recently, the delivery times of the lots have been longer than usual.
but on average, I have always received my earnings within 2 weeks, so these are more than reasonable delays...

good day to all 🍸🍸🍸

11/03/2011 13:24:36

Attention as a minor you must in any case obtain the agreement of your parents to Play (see site Rules and Regulations). We may have to verify this agreement.

I take this opportunity to complete my answer because I account that I forgot one point: you can indeed ask the Customer Service for the parcel number in the case of colissimo (so it does not concern Wires sent to you in normal mail).

In any case, do not hesitate to confirm here that you have received your Prizes, I think that this will reassure everyone, I would not want some members to think that there are problems!

11/03/2011 13:11:32

Even if I'm 13 years old, can I sign or should I call my mother?

11/03/2011 11:36:17

Hello πŸ™‹ we

have indeed experienced some logistical problems in recent weeks, and as you can see, the Prizes indeed arriving but we have been sending so many parcels to the Post Office in recent days that there may be a small processing time on their side too. in
case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact Customer Service!
Finally, I would like to point out that colissimo shipments are delivered to you against signature!

Good games!
The Web'.

10/03/2011 13:53:53

yes it's true that when the Prizes are noted sent... they take more than a week to arrive than 48 hours... it remains a mystery... lol
it's true that a tracking number would be quite good, I'm stuck at home for 5 days because I'm waiting for home theater and I'm forced to be at home....hard anyway
But we get them anyway it's already that way

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