Player webmaster posted a message on 09/06 11:24 on the MadLotto Forum: CHALLENGE Sponsor a Friend: Cheating and false accounts. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  CHALLENGE Sponsor a Friend: Cheating and false accounts
09/06/2011 11:24:33

Hello 🙋 We inform

you that following numerous attempts at fraud and cheating on the Sponsorship ChallengeSponsor a Friend we have verified several accounts of sponsors and their godchildrensponsored friends

This verification resulted in the removal of many accounts clearly identified as fake accounts and self-sponsorship accounts created for the sole purpose of moving up the Challenge ranking.

We remind you that these methods are prohibited and that they may lead to the write-off without possible objection of all the accounts of the sponsor Referer his godchildrensponsored friends

We encourage sponsors to monitor sponsored friends who sign up through their account to report any suspicious account to Customer Service.

We wish you all a happy end to the Challenge!

The Web

11/01/2013 10:32:06

Okay, and thank you for the answer.

11/01/2013 09:25:50

Hello nathalie17jb!

MadGames will be unavailable for about 15 days due to changes we have to make at Facebook's request.

The Web'.

10/01/2013 12:49:38

I don't know where to put my message so I hope that here I can get an answer. I can't open the madgame page on facebook anymore; is there a bug? Thank you for your answer. Nathalie

10/01/2013 09:59:02

Hello redcurrant33,

This Sponsor a Friend contest no longer exists today 😉 Good


09/01/2013 14:26:47

I don't have any real or fake sponsored friends, I didn't even know that there was a challenge from the godparents
, but I've been registered for years, I see that I still have things to Have a Look :)

08/01/2013 15:11:40

HelloMadWin is a good game where we win about 1500 madpoint per day you have to persevere and be patient to hope to win a prize... If you register please Referer me my nickname: conconne

10/06/2011 08:58:24

cc web
how I have to do I left an mp to customer service to remove all the sponsored friends I received yesterday and only 2 or 3 were removed when there are 114 in all it seems to me !that is to say that all the sponsored friends received yesterday are fake!

09/06/2011 21:26:58

in response to pop50
the cheater doesn't need my email address to make me false sponsorship
he just goes to the MadWin site registered with a false nickname and puts in Referer lulu200995
to us each new sponsored friend we receive an email""""" a new sponsored friend has registered""
quite simply

09/06/2011 21:26:03

Hello just to answer your question he doesn't need to have our email to sponsor us he just puts our speudo here

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