Player Skandor posted a message on 07/09 16:39 on the MadLotto Forum: Online payment instead of a Wire. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Online payment instead of a Wire
07/09/2011 16:39:55

when you win a check, why not offer to make the payment online (via Moneybooker or Paypal for example)
I think it is a good alternative, especially for Wire 5 Euros and 10 Euros.
For players residing outside France like me, it is a bit cumbersome to ask for a bank transfer for such a sum.
What do you say?

29/05/2012 12:41:29

🙋 Ah,
This should definitely be an opportunity open to everyone, by the way....
Customer service should think about it.

28/05/2012 15:41:12

After information from customer service, online payment is only possible for DreamCard Diamond...
it would be nice if the threshold were lowered, it would allow more people to enjoy it:)

25/05/2012 13:04:34

After trying again, it still doesn't work.... I have filled everything in, the Wire has just been validated, but the operation is not feasible (when I select the Wire and click on the drop-down "action to do", it does not offer me to Confirm by bank transfer)... I don't understand 🙁

18/05/2012 08:11:51

Thank you samp2b, it's an interesting and good subject to know.
I am retired, and I am part of the old school,
I admit, probably wrongly, that I do not like to give
Account Details bankingAccount Details on the Internet.


16/05/2012 19:53:31

Hello!!!!🙋 Okay,
I just figured it out. You must have had a message like "this action is impossible".
This action is only possible if your gain is not yet validated by the customer service.
It's like a points exchange, you only have a few days to do it.

16/05/2012 14:03:45

Thank you, that's what I did but as it still didn't work, I contacted the customer service, who replied (very quickly, very quickly, about 1/2 hour later, not even:) that it was normal since my Wire had just been sent.... And I received it this morning (yes yes, I hallucinated, prize sent yesterday at 6:30 pm and received this morning!)

15/05/2012 19:51:27

Hi!!!!! 🙋 Did you
enter your RIB in the "payment options" section of your account
If so, in the Prize Winnings, you check the Wires(s).
Then, you select, in the drop-down menu at the bottom: "request a transfer", and you validate.
On the next page, you confirm, and that's it...
Normally, this is immediately reported asprize sent".
Good games 🙋

15/05/2012 16:37:31

I didn't really understand how to request a payment online... I checked my Wire, but as soon as I reconnect, it's unchecked...

25/04/2012 10:33:15

Hello 🙋, You

can actually receive, instead of a Wire bank transfer. Thank you samp2b for your detailed and accurate answer and delighted that you are satisfied with the speed of your transfers 😉

Good games to all!

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