Player webmaster posted a message on 11/10 18:49 on the MadLotto Forum: MEGA Sweepstake: Win a 3D TV, an iPhone 4S... etc !. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  MEGA Sweepstake: Win a 3D TV, an iPhone 4S... etc !
11/10/2011 18:49:30

Hello 🙋 Until

October 19, we are offering you a special Mega Tombola with 2000 euros of Gifts Prizes Points to winup for grabs !

Participation tickets are automatically offered to you as a bonus with your purchases of credits and passes!

All tickets will be Winners! You can have as many tickets as you want! This means that for each of your tickets you will win a prize!

The first prize is a Samsung 126 cm 3D TV!
Also win the new iPhone 4S, DVDs and millions of Points to redeem for the Prizes your choice!

Good luck to all of you!
The Web

11/10/2011 21:47:20

Good evening.
Until this morning I had 270 tickets at my disposal.
I come home from work, and I see there's nothing left!
Where did they go? Where did they go?
Thank you for solving the problem, cdlt.

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