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Subject :  New challenges
04/04/2012 09:51:58

Hello 🙋,

Thanks to the new challenges you can earn points or Euros!
We offer you:
- Anonymous challenges: you don't know your opponents' score until after your Round is over; -
Public Challenges: you know your opponents' score at all times; -
challenges Challenges: invite your friends to challenge them!

Finally, you can do a series of duels with the Cups: by winning your duel, you move on to the Next Turn and win the prizes according to the level reached as indicated on the Winnings.
Good games!

17/09/2012 10:07:32

I think I understood!!!!!!! In fact you can win points orSilver but it's by drawing lots so you have a chance out of thousands to winSilver. And a little more chance to win points that's why it's easier to win points thanSilver! PPFIOU!!!! lol

13/09/2012 15:37:22

Hello, are you saying that you can earn points or euros? The points OK but for the euros it is necessary to do how please?

05/04/2012 18:10:15

very nice these challenges. Thank you 🙋 Only
problem: I stay stuck much longer in front of the screen 🤕

04/04/2012 21:43:39

Congrats great that's what I wanted challenges thank you that's great

04/04/2012 11:39:47


This is a very good initiative on your part:-) It brings this site to life with all these new features!
On the other hand, our old challenges have all disappeared with the appearance of the new ones. Indeed, I had three in class (2 for fast toast and 1 for solo scratching). What should I do???

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