Player webmaster posted a message on 18/06 17:43 on the MadLotto Forum: New: Facebook Contest Game. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  New: Facebook Contest Game
18/06/2012 17:43:18

Hello 🙋, Do you

like our websites 😂? So don't hesitate any longer and let it be known. Join us on Facebook and click on jaime, you will automatically participate in the draw. As the saying goes: when you love, you don't account. Well, here are the great Prizes you can win:

- a new iPad on MadWin
's Facebook page - an Asus Netbook on QuoVerbis
' Facebook page - an Iphone 4S on CadoVillage
's Facebook page - and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet on MadLotto's Facebook page.

So all to your clicks and like us on Facebook. 🙁y): Good

luck 🌹!

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