Player heloji51 posted a message on 29/06 16:01 on the MadLotto Forum: Return of an old game. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Return of an old game
29/06/2012 16:01:49

I have already made a similar post in the game category but it seems to me that the best place for my request is here.

I am advocating for the return of the game of typing words as quickly as possible before planes cross the screen.

Would it be possible to put this game back on the agenda? This is the best game on the site I've been able to play Play far.

Thank you in advance!

08/07/2012 00:52:43

What was the name again?? 🤔

07/07/2012 00:15:23

Yes... I totally agree with you...!!!!!.... I love this game too...!!!!
I ask just like you for his return...!!!!.. 😃

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