Player webmaster posted a message on 24/03 15:25 on the MadLotto Forum: Change on Mega Challenges Medals. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Change on Mega Challenges Medals
24/03/2014 15:25:58

Hello 🙋 An important

announcement regarding the Mega Challenges and Challenges on MadWinMadWin CadoVillage QuoVerbisQuoVerbis The medal

awards by rank have been modified. I let you Have a Look onhome Mega Mega-Contest homepage Mega-Contest new ranks.

- On MadWin, the Game Contests of the Day for the Stadium and Zodiac Games have been withdrawn. Indeed, these games being VIP games and following everyone's comments, it is hardly fair play!

Good games!
The Web

01/04/2014 11:40:34

Hello everyone, yes jewel0377 you're right it's true that before. According to the score we were doing, we win about the same number of points as the score ( I'm talking about games like Castor x- cream, cooking with beurks that I love to Play and others of the same kind) ? example: 16000 in score for "cooking with beurks" made 150 points before 😉 !! now you have to do more than 24000 of score to get them? But it's like his 🤔 !! good games and good day ! to you 😃

31/03/2014 21:51:48

Good evening, thank you for fixing this problem:) now everyone can participate and win!! good evening to all and the CadoVillage team 😃

28/03/2014 13:29:25

we went back to the very first calculation mode, the one of 2008 and it's not bad anymore, I find, well I'm not on the podium anymore but it's not serious, just find the right game and finish in front every night.
As a winnower on pizza, thermidor on frankeistein aratist on boo l hippo or I don't know who on the edge of the madman. The problem is that we might see the same two Winners every week for a while on each site, but if they can do it, I think we can also.........

27/03/2014 20:57:41

good evening, what a tumble in the mega-challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! until last week I managed to get 1000 points on CadoVillage (whereas this week I only had 200 points) and 500 points on MadWin (against 50 points this week)

I am really disappointed with this new way of calculating medals. I don't have to be the only one to lose a lot of points every week.

You earn fewer and fewer points when Prizes need so much. Do you think you are going back to the old way of calculating????????????????????? thank you for your kind attention


27/03/2014 14:49:02

Hello 🙋 The

error has been fixed!

Good games!
The Web'.

27/03/2014 09:03:27

from this morning's rankings as the period has begun, it seems that the rules have changed again.
Could we know exactly how it works?

27/03/2014 08:23:29

and today ? ????????????

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