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Subject :  NEW on Ocean Quest !
21/08/2014 14:27:13

Hello 🙋

Discover now a new version of Ocean Quest !

- There are now 5 accesses to Red Beaver Sam in the Coral Reef ! Importantly, all accesses now trigger a Round of Red Beaver Sam, unless a Round is already in progress.

- A new Box is appearing in Red Beaver Sam: the Eye Patch. The player who uncovers this Box ends the Round immediately. Please note that the waiting times between each click have been modified.

- The most important: the gain of the Treasure of Red Beaver Sam is doubled, with now 1000€ up for grabs !

Red Beaver Sam's Treasure is becoming a major game on Ocean Quest more than ever, with Rounds more often, and a doubled maximum win!

We've also increased the number of accesses to the Black Teeth Al and Jim Seahorse Games for even more games and more winnings!

Good games!
The Web'

22/08/2014 20:01:12

Thank you for all this good news it's nice 🌹

21/08/2014 23:36:02

ok thanks for the WebMaster info:)

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