Player webmaster posted a message on 18/09 15:42 on the MadLotto Forum: Special Week: Games and Doubled Points!. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Special Week: Games and Doubled Points!
18/09/2014 15:42:08


For one week, 30 free rounds per day on MadWin, QuoVerbis and CadoVillage!

And that's not all: Points are also doubled on these free rounds!

This is an action that we wanted to take following the interruptions we made during the computer update of our sites.

Have a good game and enjoy your free rounds until next Wednesday!

The Web

28/09/2014 22:00:51

Thank you very much respect to vous🤡

26/09/2014 18:45:55

Thank you very much ,very nice 🙂

24/09/2014 10:08:50

Thanks Web
I know, it's the last day to thank, but everything comes in time for those who know how to wait...
That said, some games take 30 minutes and 30 Rounds, it takes a lot of time...
little suggestion for the next "surprise" let the 15 Rounds but triple the points or more... Please take into account our comments

21/09/2014 23:29:56

thank you

21/09/2014 20:10:36

🙋 Well
the 30 free rounds not for everyone! You have to have time to do them.
Good for those who can! Fortunately, it's only for a week, just enough to inflate the points a little!
Thanks Web; but I prefer my usual 15 Rounds! Less time to do....... Have a good evening

21/09/2014 06:48:37

Thanks for the 30 Rounds on MadWin but I didn't see on CadoVillage because I was away for several days and I leave I do by another box but I have to recognize the beautiful flower made by Webmaster who however makes some surprises but forgets me for the wall, he still has a hard tooth ! he could have forgotten my clumsiness due to my illness, it can happen to everyone ! just a little reminder !


20/09/2014 20:45:37


Thanks webmaster for these 30 free rounds

20/09/2014 20:26:39

Thank you so much for this prize

20/09/2014 20:26:38

Thank you so much for this prize

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