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Subject :Method of sending gifts
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20/01/2015 00:34:53

I would like to know how are the gifts sent? By LaPoste or other carriers. And are they delivered against signature or receive them directly in our mailbox (for those who are small enough to return, of course).

Can someone help me ?
Thank you 🙂

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21/01/2015 09:21:09

Hello, lucky276 🙋

They are usually sent by Colissimo, against signature.
However, the last one I received was a surprise gift, which I received as a single shipment.
The best is that you go to the SC to have more details on the one that concerns you.
Have a nice day, and have fun games 😎

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22/01/2015 02:43:12

Thank you for your answer. 🙂

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22/01/2015 14:29:02

Me, I always had them in single shipment.

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