Player katyk posted a message on 12/11 15:59 on the MadLotto Forum: Feature: Deleting notifications sending to deleted messages. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Feature: Deleting notifications sending to deleted messages
12/11/2015 15:59:43


Could you implement the following feature:
When a member deletes a message on the wall, all notifications to that message should also be deleted in cascade.

This would reduce the need for notifications. This would make them more readable on the other hand.
Finally, it would only require a little php if your database is well done. :-)

Yours sincerely

12/11/2015 16:45:34

Hello WebMaster,

Thank you for your feedback. It is very kind of you to pass on this proposal.
I wish you a pleasant day.

Yours sincerely

12/11/2015 16:38:55

Hello katyk!

Thank you for your very relevant suggestion that I forwarded to the site administrators.

Good games!

"The Web

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