Player webmaster posted a message on 06/06 14:32 on the MadLotto Forum: New Game: Player of the Month!. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  New Game: Player of the Month!
06/06/2016 14:32:10

Hello all 🙋, I

am pleased to announce that a new game is back on social networks: The Player of the Month. 🙁y): What is its

How it Works It's very simple! Every month, a player on the social networks is drawn at random and wins the prize his choice worth 15 euros as well as his portrait drawn by our graphic team 😂

For this month, the winner is... Fluid77! 👏

Congratulations to our Player of the Month for June!

Discover his portrait on social networks! And see you in July for the announcement of the new player!

Good games to all!

The Web 🌹

08/07/2016 11:45:00

195th in number of points ñ not ñ not ñ class ññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññ

11/06/2016 18:35:05

👏BravoCongrats the team, your graphic designer and live our fluid king77 !👏👏👏😂🎤

08/06/2016 19:42:25

thank you web for your answer, it's very clear 😗

07/06/2016 13:40:49

Hello florence87 🙋, We

set up this game about 1 year ago.

The How it Works is very simple: every month we draw a player present, active on social networks because of his participation in our games and his comments left on our Facebook pages, Twitter for example.
But we are also on YouTube via our MadWin channel. In short, all these are social networks.

I hope I have enlightened you: D

Good games to you.

"The Web

07/06/2016 08:44:22

could we have a little more information about this contest because it says this game is coming back but I haven't heard about it since I started playing. On which social networks should you be? Thank you for giving us a little more details: is it on MadWin, QuoVerbis, mafia, CadoVillage (if we can call them social networks?). We don't necessarily have the same speudo either, so how do you choose?

07/06/2016 07:35:16


06/06/2016 17:37:23

🙋 A
big thank you for giving this game 👏 I am

very flattered to have been the player selected by your team for this month of June The

portrait is very realistic 👏 Congratulations

to the graphic designers as well as to the whole dreamcentury team 🙋

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