Player webmaster posted a message on 05/10 16:54 on the MadLotto Forum: !! NEW GAME OF THE MONTH !! YOKAI KOMBAT. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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05/10/2016 16:54:29


I am happy to introduce you to our new game "Yokai Kombat".

Face the Spirits to try to win up to 1500€!

The Wheel of Spirits of Yokai Kombat will take you to the Gate of Spirits. You can win Access to Challenge:
- the Spirit of Strategy,
- the Spirit of Bold,
- the Spirit of Luck,
- the Spirit of Ruse,
- the Spirit of Fortune!

Good luck or in Japanese "Ganbatte kudasaï" :)

Very good game to all!

09/12/2016 22:17:21

I just had the "chance" to run into the game of fortune....I hope I don't get 50 euros...because in my opinion, the famous game changes will be like the previous ones: we stop dividing the winnings by 2! How long does it take to change a game anyway? There are already no updates made on the names of the games and for the winnings you can supposedly win... you wait for a public response from the site? We are players who pay for it, I think?.....

05/12/2016 20:13:17

You've said everything!
It is unfortunate that we take our opinions so little notice of them..... Not to mention that we frankly have the impression of talking in a vacuum....

05/12/2016 09:15:45

Hello, yes it is really time for him to have a change on this game and I find the silence of the Web and customer service on this subject very sad!

04/12/2016 22:38:29

Good evening, the worst part of all this Dolul is that you had the chance to participate in the final game and win an interesting Wire...Imagine the others...5 accesses to win can be a Wire 50 euros (at the last game! the biggest, the one that should reward the players????) or 10000 points with 60 access.......... Today I won a click and had a necklace not very interesting... but still better than a Wire for 10 euros exchanged for 10,000 points... I'm almost delighted... it's to say how your game of the month (which will last 6 months) rewards loyal players....after 200 Turns the wheel....We don't ruin the dream too much?.
There will be changes after the SC, when? It won't change anything about our no earnings during that answer to this topic would be nice because we're talking in the wind...
Sincerely. 😥

29/11/2016 22:26:06

Good evening everyone,

I share your general opinion on this game of the month which does not motivate at all account the endless number of wheel Turns to hope to have the Loot and considering the number of low value Prizes in the grid: one chance in two to win only points and often only 10,000 points, then I too will make savings if no improvement is made to this game. Good evening to all of you. DOLUL

22/11/2016 22:24:49

I answer you there gisou because on the wall you will not have more much as you ask here... The yen bonuses are even or double. Once you have had the Loot from the wheel, you are allowed to keep 10 euros = the Loot (often) or to exchange for a click in the spirit door. If you agree to exchange your winnings you can click on a Box on the grid. And there, after having your winnings you have the choice with your yen bonus between quit or double= double the winnings obtained or lose everything. There you go. It's up to you, but personally I can't afford to have 36 Loots or lose everything 😉 They're just useless boxes in my opinion....

Date of message edition 22/11/2016 22:28:22

22/11/2016 21:04:59

since no one deigns to inform you... These are double or full bonuses that you can use once you have won a click in the spirit door. So you need at least one Loot, otherwise you keep them for nothing until the game of the month changes....

22/11/2016 13:41:00

😡c'''it's nice to earn yen bonuses. But how should we use them?

22/11/2016 13:40:59

😡c'''it's nice to earn yen bonuses. But how should we use them?

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