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Subject :  Raffles! There was a time when ...
16/02/2017 23:33:29

Where the number of prints was multiplied by 3.
That is to say: 3 winners for the same draw. And on the 3 "Historical" sites. (add MafiaInc)
To summarize: I knew MadwinMadWin QuoVerbis with a little more difficulty CadovillageCadoVillage At that time, when you bet a Sweepstake ticket on a single prize, on a single site, you had 3 chances to win, because 3 prizes per day per Prizes.
Now, 1 draw per day, 1 winner per prize... per day... And this, on 4 sites.

On the other hand, how can we distribute almost 10,000E to a single player in a single month?
The free ones, give in, the (over) paid ones win.
Well, no, no! (I represent myself, I know my story) No

one, bad sandstone almost a 24/7 vigilance? I will certainly not mention any pseudonyms; but I wish, a real life, not on a wall. It's almost like "coping"!!!!! I'm sick of it.
In addition, those who complained of being invaded by JR's links... Do they take full advantage of it for Bar discussions? From the living room? The wall belongs to the mutual aid EXCLUSIVELY, and not for discussions, every day, the same discussions... Even if I admit it, there are good recipes for me! 😉 Is there

a forum for that? No? There's Facebook for that, no? and others? no??????

17/02/2017 00:17:47

🌹 very well said!

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