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Subject :  tournaments
06/03/2017 16:30:23

Hello, this is a bit like the idea of the Previous post. I see that everything is increasing these days, as well as on this site... Except for the points! The 1st of many tournaments wins a nice win. But the points awarded to the others are very low....I just finished 2nd in the bubble tournament for example. Having had a hard 1st place and then beaten again by a player who often finishes 1st... In short, the prize was a baby monitor worth 9 700 000 points, and having finished second, I gloriously won 300 000 points... (not even a Wire 5 euros) the 3rd 200 000 points. Maybe you could at least see the podium again and maybe even the top 10?
I find that the site lacks a little generosity towards all the participants, and they are the winners.
Here, I wanted your opinion, and I hope to get a feedback (favorable 🌹) from the site!

10/03/2017 22:13:38

Thank you for your answers! 😉 Alas we can't do anything against luck and I often get fooled also the rare times when I manage to pass 1st in a tournament .... But it ''prevents that the winnings are meager after the prize final...It's better to be on the buzz cup podium instead (for those who can exchange), without paying! I would have liked an answer from the web and from other players, but my request seems to attract few people....Good evening 🙁 y):

06/03/2017 18:47:55

Hello dado,

you're absolutely right, the reward for the 2nd is not very consistent and so on compared to the 1st of the tournament, and also at some tournaments I'm ranked 1st and one hour before the end ,BINGO ,I'm 2nd and still by the same player, it's annoying !!!!!!!!

06/03/2017 18:24:06

🙋 Hello!!!! 🙋 It

is true that the podium gains are a bit limited.
And the cost of tournaments is not very consistent with the prize up for grabs !, very often...

Indeed, the site could make an effort on this side, I join you completely 😎 Hoping

for good news, one day.... 😂

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