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Subject :  Mail MadLotto
31/08/2018 17:22:21

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to inform you that the sending of emails of the results on MadLoto MadLotto resumed as of last night:)

Have a good day.

The Web

03/09/2018 23:01:56

but we have "lotto emails" yippee.

03/09/2018 22:48:18

And I'm sorry to add to this, but when the same problems are reported on sites for months or even years, without any resolution or compensation, the SC may tell me that "it's a bug", I wonder, and I don't think I'm the only one.....

03/09/2018 22:39:36

Good evening !!!

I'll explain my red thumb about it...
The return of the results on the mailbox, ok, but very opaque for my taste...
Not to mention that there were 2 things to settle on MadLotto , including the usefulness of the Points earned, which in my opinion, would have been the priority to deal with, which was not done...
Just like, indeed, the bugs on Mafia, the new Old Jack awaiting repair, among other games that screw up and sites that disconnect all the time...
Long live internationalization, there is nothing to be proud of...we have never been so dissatisfied with sites...

03/09/2018 22:23:25

Indeed it is great to have useless emails! while the Points on lottery are useless (the idea of giving to associations was good... but nothing anymore.) and the bugs on mafia without response, which have lasted for almost 2 weeks..... Congrats with the emails again.

01/09/2018 08:48:32

That's wonderful....
Have a good day

31/08/2018 17:30:12

Thank you Mr. Webmaster! That's great! That's great! Good continuation at the end of the day.

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