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Subject :  the clicks
28/07/2019 21:07:50

The clicks won in the games what are they for and where can I find them?? Thank you for the answer

29/08/2019 21:59:16

First, these clicks depend on the rankings in the Game Contests of the Day on the different games, marked MC, where the M is in pink and the C in orange 🌈.
Every day, on the page of a free game, you can right-click on " My Game Contest ", indicating the number of pending clicks 🕘. Then, on each date and for each game, the number of clicks corresponding to its results is indicated ✔. When you press on each band, you have direct access to the final ranking of the day and to that of your Progression , even if you are New Player 👧. Then, it is by clicking on the "Grids" tab that you can perform your clicks, either one by one, or automatically, even with less than ten clicks 🎲. At each Box , it is possible to receive gains, such as ten and hundred Points , or even medals, from two to a thousand for the luckiest ♥.
Thanks to these, you increase your chances of obtaining a better ranking in the Mega Challenge, taking into account all the participants 🎎. However, beyond the hundredth player, the reward will only be twenty Points , whereas if it is between the fourth and the hundredth place inclusive, the reward varies between two hundred and four thousand Points 💰. Finally, the three lucky guys on the podium will each be awarded a different prize like every week 🎁...

Otherwise, good luck at the games, Lyly 72 and company 😉!

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