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Subject :  πŸ’₯ News of 12/22 πŸ’₯
22/12/2020 13:15:52

πŸ’₯Hello everyone :)

Just a quick note to let you know about the organization of the Christmas Holidays :)
The Customer Service and Logistics team will be on vacation for only 4 days:
24 and 25/12 as well as 31/12 and 01/01.

We are late on the Customer Service side so thank you for being a little patient and on sending Prizes too πŸ™
Wires shipments are up to date and pending transfers are being processed :)

Good Games to all on MadWin , ZooValley , Wonderz , MadLotto and Mafia inc. !
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Date of message edition 22/12/2020 13:15:52

23/12/2020 22:50:14

Good evening, "pending transfers are being processed :)". How much longer will it take knowing that the SC is on vacation tonight and that for more than a month no transfer has been made? Thank you for the answer.

Date of message edition 23/12/2020 22:50:59

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