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Subject :  MadWin QuoVerbis CADOVILLAGES
22/01/2010 10:27:08

it's not the same targets, cado village more for the children.
the rules still differ from one site to anotherMadWin 15 Rounds distributed as you want, the others; Round each game)
In my opinion, there is also a story of legal status that exceeds us a little, it must be 3 different subsidiaries

29/12/2009 22:01:06

Because it doesn't deal with the same theme and also the question of income, instead of spending 5€ on a single site and well you spend 5€ on three sites so 15€ in total. 😃

19/12/2009 12:16:25

why not a single site instead of switching from one to the other

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