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Subject :gift validation
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05/07/2007 23:03:41

Hello everyone,

I won several gifts, a tea set on party time and a ball of light. These gifts are still in validated status since one month, when will I receive them?

Usually, it takes less time to send them than it takes, I contacted customer service, I didn't get a reply


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05/07/2007 23:30:12

Hello 🙋

Unfortunately this is a shortage of stock on these products due to the delay of our supplier to re-supply. We are hopeful to receive them in the coming days, they will then be immediately dispatched to the winners waiting.

We are really sorry for this little inconvenience and in the meantime, we can only apologize and thank you for your patience!

The Web'

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07/07/2007 17:05:50


Thanks on the web, I'll wait,


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