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Subject :  Interfaces Ideas!
14/11/2007 00:20:47

massou33 has some good ideas...I also vote......
we could also see the number of people connected to the site....

Good evening and good games to all...

12/11/2007 17:25:07

You always have great ideas! 😉 I vote "FOR" all this! 😂

09/11/2007 14:26:22


In addition to the ideas I was able to submit for new Prizes in the shop, I would like to suggest some optimizations on the main MadWin screens. What do you think of that?

- account history
> In addition to knowing how much we were reimbursed for a Sweepstake that we didn't win, it would be useful to know for which prize.

09/11/2007 03:15:12 MadWin refunds your participation in a Sweepstake +3045
To be replaced by :
09/11/2007 03:15:12 MadWin refunds your participation in theSweepstake Fun Sweepstake (a Cat Key Chain) +3045

- High scores
I have seen several posts that exchanged on game records (small fish... 😉). Do we have to understand that we get a bonus on free rounds if we explode a score?
In any case I propose to display the top 3 or 5 of the best scores and their authors, with or without the use of options (in free and/or paid versions)! That would be motivating, wouldn't it?

- prize
shop This is a suggestion I have already seen on this forum, and I totally agree! We should be able to see all the Prizes by cost. That way, with 500,000 madpoints for example, I know what I can get without going through all the shops!

Here are some ideas, over to you! :D

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