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Subject :  Set our limits
01/03/2011 15:09:29

DreamCentury is a company that wants to make a profit, that's normal, but it's important that it does like its competitors, and that it acts as a responsible
Yes I admit it happens to me to Play a lot and therefore to spend more than I should.

Poker and online betting sites have a system that allows you to choose the maximum amount of money you want to credit on
the site, on a monthly basis.

The creation of this option would allow addicted players not to succumb to the demon
of envy to spend their income on a gaming site.

This option would also show that DreamCentury is a company that wants profit, certainly, but is a responsible company.

With kind regards,

02/05/2011 23:59:14

Lulu certainly it's up to me to be a responsible player but it's good to be "helped" when sometimes you get caught up in the madness of the game!

Thank you to DreamCentury for introducing this system of limits. 🙁y):

29/04/2011 08:51:46

Good morning, everyone. My first message didn't go straight through, hence the duplicate.

28/04/2011 22:36:49

By going to YOUR account then to PAYMENT OPTION you can choose a maximum amount for a duration

28/04/2011 22:31:52

your suggestion now exists on MadWin. In YOUR account go to PAYMENT OPTION. You can choose the maximum amount you want to invest, for a given period of time.

28/04/2011 19:04:33

It seems to me that it's up to you to be responsible! if we had to watch everyone! pffffffff

05/03/2011 14:52:40

Like any company, the DreamCentury is not a philanthropic work, I don't think there are many gaming companies on the Internet or elsewhere that have a responsible corporate policy!

I think that indeed, we (players) need to set our investment limits for credit purchases but DreamCentury could put a warning such as: Let's play responsibly, did you set your game limits before betting?

I'm probably venturing into an embarrassing subject!

Personally, I have set myself a purchase per month no more, which is an expense of 240 euros per year and I find this already excessive ! I have kept my accounts on all DreamCentury sites for which I hope to keep my loyalty!

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