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Subject :  Level games
08/04/2012 18:09:52

hello, I get stuck at level 22 of alien clear, so we can't go back to level 1? does it go back to level 1 with each weekly challenge? thank you, celine

30/03/2012 21:57:45

Hello, you're right Jiusepe74 ,I'm super happy ,but it would have been even nicer to be able to start again at level 1 😎, but that didn't rule out that I don't have this Web !!!!!!!! Very good evening to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30/03/2012 16:55:24

Hello, it's nice to put levels back, but for some people, of which I'm a Round it would be wise, to be able to start again at level 1. thank you for your answer and I would like to have the opinion of other players from the city
thank you and have a good day.

Jiusepe 74

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